Ecucational Opportunities

United States Power Squadrons, D/7 provides many educational opportunities to both the boating public and to its members. One of the key concepts of the United States Power Squadrons, D/7 is the self-education of its members, meaning that successful students go on to teach other students to perpetuate boating knowledge. USPS instructors who teach public courses are also certified regarding their ability to teach and use modern instructional methods.

We offer Basic Boating Courses, Seminars, Advanced Grades, and Electives. For more information click on USPS Courses

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Advanced Grades


Boat Handling buoy builds your competence and confidence on the water with an in-depth look at the practical boating skills.
Marine Navigation and Advanced Marine Navigation dividers give you the skills you need to get where you’re going using charts and marine electronics as well as a knowledge of winds, currents and tides.
Offshore Navigation and Celestial Navigation, sextant a must for oceangoing captains, teach you about planning and monitoring your voyage using modern marine electronics and how celestial observations can help you estimate your vessel’s position with confidence.